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Customized solutions that add value to your production process!


In order to offer the best solutions to our customers, we have a multidisciplinary team, which is composed of specialists, engineers and field technicians with extensive experience in developing solutions.

Our Engineering department performs the analysis of these solutions through software that guarantees the combination of these ideas in a product, dimensioning the prototype and guiding our production team in its construction.

We value working together with the customer throughout the development of the solution, from the creation of the concept, the development of the virtual model, analysis, assembly and testing of the prototype. In this way, the projects are developed with an expanded perspective, ensuring the delivery of a product that will meet all the expectations and needs of the customer, be it an equipment or a process.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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The cereal mixer is an equipment used by experimental stations to track grains after harvesting the plots.

Aiming at a safer and optimized operation, Agricef has a customized solution for this application.

Our solution comprises:

  • Moto r diesel for driving the cereal mixer;

  • Protection fairings:

  • At the exit against splinters;

  • On the engine;

  • In the moving parts.

  • Emergency devices, which interrupt the operation immediately;

  • Support feet for leveling on uneven terrain.


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To assist in the development of agrochemicals and fertilizers, we have several solutions assembled from containers such as:

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Rain Simulator, which recreates different scenarios by controlling its flow and droplet size.

  • Laboratory container, which allows the manipulation and creation of insects in a controlled environment.

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We have a range of products and customized solutions for spraying in experimental stations.

  • Bench sprayers;

  • Vase sprayers;

  • Sprayers of experimental plots.

Agri brings challenges, Agricef, solutions!

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